Owner’s BIO

Owner’s Bio

Mr. Jones entered his first professional competition in 2002 and won 1st place. Already a personal trainer at the time, it was after winning this competition that Mr. Jones discovered the depth of his passion for fitness and physical wellbeing. Understanding the demands and pressures of 21st century living, Mr. Jones is deeply concerned that the average American is sacrificing their most important asset- their health. He profoundly believes that fitness and health should be a daily focus for all people. He especially works with those who suffer from High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and Diabetes. Mr. Jones firmly advocates that disease can be minimized if not totally eradicated through the correct use of nutrition, cardiovascular exercise and weight training.

Personal Certification

International Fitness Association (IFA)

Advanced Fitness Training (Personal Training)

AAAI (Personal Training)

ISMA (Personal Training, Sports and Nutrition)